Firstly, wishing you all a happy new year (although I can’t believe that it’s already February!). Now, this is really just a brief missive to let you all know that my new book is now out - The Family Tree. Sorry that it’s been a long-ish wait (blame it on my offspring who insist on eating daily and therefore I have to keep going out to work!), but I hope you’ll all enjoy the book regardless.

Also, FYI (note the hip use of modern lingo), one of my projects this year is to write a book about a group of middle-aged women (including yours truly) attempting to traverse the Kokoda Track. We leave in September, which gives us a limited amount of time to get (somewhat!) fit. If you’re interested in following our journey, then have a look at my foray into the world of blogging:

Cheers, Ilsa


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