Yes, once again I’m having a spot of bother with the title for the next book! It seems like it’s actually becoming a yearly ritual - I send in the manuscript complete with a title to my publishers and they love the manuscript but hate the title (which is better, I suppose, than the reverse).  Then we begin a lengthy too-ing and fro-ing of suggestions that becomes steadily more frustrating as more and more ideas hit the scrap-pile. So, given the fact that asking your opinion with regard to the title for The Family Tree worked so well, I thought I’d try it again!

The book in question is the sequel to Broken (2007), and will be published in September next year. It picks up Mattie’s story six years later when Jake, who has been searching for her and the children all this time, finally tracks them down.  There are currently two titles on the table:

· The last waltz · sticks & stones

Now, if you absolutely hate both of them, or you find them boring, then please let me know that also. Or if you have an idea of your own, please share! All suggestions and/or feedback and/or brilliant flashes of genius gratefully received.

Cheers, Ilsa Evans


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