A short, sharp email to let you all know that the new book -  Sticks & Stones - is out now! I’m thrilled with it (even the cover!) and I hope you will be too. Love it when it all comes together. A warning though, it’s a little confronting but I think - given the subject matter - it’s important to keep it realistic. And I hope it gives a bit of ’closure’ to everyone who was frustrated with the ending for Broken.  Please do let me know what you think of the book - I love feedback (unless it’s too negative, in which case keep it to yourself!).

And a quick reminder for anyone interested in the subject matter for the new non-fiction book  (The Invisible Women, and other remarkable phenomena of middle-age),
the blog is at http://themiddle-agedspread.blogspot.com and don’t forget the survey, which will be closing at the end of this month.

Lastly, welcome to spring! Winter here in Victoria has been chillier than it has been for years so I for one am looking forward to the warmer weather - although I’d look forward to it even more if I could fit into my bathers... 

Cheers, Ilsa Evans

PS: And a big congratulations to Chantel (who started the Ilsa Evans Appreciation Society on Facebook - how incredibly flattering!) on your impending nuptials. Wishing you - and partner - all the very best!  


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