What a marvellous response there was to the Celebration of Australian Women Writers competition! There’s already been some interest in holding a similar competition next year, as well as one suggestion to host a readathon of books written by Australian women writers. But for this year it was kept quite simple and the subsequent entries were all given to an independent panel of three readers (so that no one could hold me responsible for the results!). The feedback was that the panel had a wonderful time reading, and a hard time judging, but ultimately came up with a short-list of ten which I have included here (in no particular order):

Glenys Schultz
Tracey Mills
Margaret Jungwirth
Calinda Waters

And the three winners are [cue drum roll]: Janice, Margaret Jungwirth and Kerri. You’ll be able to read the winning recommendations/reviews in the catalogue, which I am putting together at the moment (should be ready for release mid-month). Or you can ’like’ my facebook page
here, because  I’m including one competition entry each day all the way up to the catalogue release. 

So a big congratulations to the three winners (who will each be receiving a prize-pack of four books), and a big thank-you to the rest of you. I’ve really had a wonderful time hosting this competition, and reading through all the entries, and adding to my must-read list. And I hold each and every one of you responsible for the fact I will get no work done at all this summer. There’s just too many books to read!

Cheers, Ilsa Evans


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