I am thrilled to announce the release of ones a poner time on smashwords. This entertaining cocktail of short stories is born from half a century (and counting) of memories and musings. Two parts comedy and one part drama, with just a dollop of farce (because that’s life!), this ebook is best enjoyed while curled up on the couch with a box of chocolates. For a sample click here, or why not buy the whole book - only $4.99!  And you don’t necessarily need an ipad or kindle or whatever, I believe a normal computer does the job also. However, depending on the feedback, I may print publish the book later this year as well.

This ebook represents a huge learning curve for me and I really would appreciate any constructive feedback so that I can build on it for the next one. Simply email me at ilsa@ilsaevans.com.  Of course positive feedback is also always welcome! And if you do enjoy the book, please spread the word. As a fairly reluctant marketer (I’d much rather just write!), I really am depending on word-of-mouth.
Cheers, Ilsa Evans

PS: Hope you all enjoyed the catalogue of Aussie (women) writers - still available here

PPS: Feedback also welcome via my facebook page here -  even better if you’d like to generate conversation


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