Friends & Associates Newsletter February 2010
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Welcome to the February edition of our Newsletter - in this issue we:

 · compare and explain Google Adwords (Pay Per Click Advertising) vs. Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for marketing your website; 

 · present our Refer a Friend special offer 

 · cover in detail the latest additions to Chilli Websites editting tools and added functionality to make your web site more powerful and easier to maintain;  

 · explain a quick tip for "buffering" images on your website which will improve the visual layout of your pages;

 · welcome 20+ new web sites which have joined Chilli Websites since our last newsletter.  


Google Adwords (PPC) vs. Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)...

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is a paid online advertising model, such as Google Adwords. Pay per Click results typically appear as "sponsored links" above or beside the normal (aka Organic) Search Engine results.

Organic search engine results are the natural, unpaid search engine results that are determined by the Search Engine. These are generally varied and contain a lengthier (though not always clear) description of the web page they are presenting.

While both Organic and PPC results are displayed on the same page, there are numerous differences between them...

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Refer a Friend Special Offer ...
Any current customers who refer a friend during the month of February 2010 will receive a FREE month of their website hosting and licensing cost when that friend signs up and pays for a website on

To take up this offer, ask your friend to enter your business or website name in the Promotion code field when setting up their web site at This will setup your friend’s FREE trial website.  Once your friend decides to pay for the web site, we will send the site live and will credit your account for one month of your hosting and licensing fee.

You can redeem this offer with as many friends as you like (for multiple free months) but this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers or affiliate arrangements.



Latest additions and improvements to your Content Management System...
We have been busy improving and adding to the functionality of Chilli Websites including:

To simplify adding new pages to your web site, we have recently changed the process to add pages. Where previously you selected an existing page on your website from which to base your new page (this option is still available), you can now begin each new page with a "clean" layout template...
Click here to read more online.

Any email address links you place on your web pages will now be automatically encoded (using Javascript) to help prevent the email address being picked up by spammers or "spambots".  By scrambling the email in the "source code" of the page, it makes it very difficult for a "spambot" to decipher the email address.  Spammers who manually trawl your website will still be able to pick up your email address if they view the page online.  The only way to avoid this is to not publish your email address online and to only use the enquiry form for initial email communication.
Click here for more information on the enquiry form which is built into your website.

Easily back up all of the pages on your web site with one click now.  When logged into your Adminstration System, go to "Content Manager/Export Pages" and all of the HTML code for each page is saved into an Excel spread sheet.  You will be given the option to "view" or to "save" the Excel spread sheet.  This is useful for peace of mind as well as for backing up your pages prior to making major changes to your site. 



Quick Tip for Images/Photos on your Website
Improve the look of your site by adding a "buffer" to the photos on your website pages.

When you add an image to a page on your website, add "Horizontal Space" and/or "Vertical Space" around the image to prevent the text on the page coming right up to (and touching) the image.  You can dictate how much space you want around your images when you click on the "Insert/Edit Image" button in your pages manager - in the "Image Properties" window which opens you will see "HSpace" and "VSpace" fields in the lower left of the window. Enter a number value into these fields which will indicate how many "pixels" will buffer the image.  Typically a number between 8 to 12 is sufficient.



A warm welcome...
A large project for us recently was setting up an online Wedding Shop where you can buy anything to do with weddings - if you or somebody you know is getting married soon, have a look at

We would like to extend a warm welcome and wish the best fortunes online to other new websites:

Tree care in Maroochy River QLD Australia
Holistic holidays, retreats and wellbeing Australia
The magazine for couples taking the plunge 
Artisan concrete floors in Atlanta USA 
Beautiful vacation accomodation Mexico
Concrete pools & spas WA
Real estate agents in South Sydney
Wedding & conference venue Hunter NSW
Professional plumbers in Sydney
Hair beauty and creche in Narrabeen Aust.
Paddington Cricket Club Sydney
Marketing and distribution of financial products
Are you ready to be a recording artist? 
Paper mill equipment and support
Funeral Celebrants Association Aust.
Order online Fender Covers for your boat
Real Estate on Kenai Peninsula Alaska
Old-fashioned desserts NC  USA

Earthworks and landscaping in West. Aust.

We also have been busy building the following custom designed and developed web sites which utilise the same Chilli Websites Content Management System (CMS) as the basis for their management systems:

Fishing tours around the globe 
Aviation safety training
Business performance improvement consulting
Mortgage broking and finance specialists


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