Friends & Associates Newsletter September 2010
Some business "house keeping".

Do you know where your domain name is? This is worth sorting out for many reasons....
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We offer Direct Credit payments so that you do not need to remember to pay your web site hosting invoices.
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Welcome to the September edition of our Newsletter - in this issue we:

 · discuss Reciprocal Linking - What is it, Why do it, Should you do it? 

 · present our New Websites Special Offer - Pay for 10 months get 12 

 · cover in detail the latest additions to Chilli Websites editing tools including our very much improved image resizing!  

 · explain a quick tip for incorporating Google Maps into your website 

 · welcome 15+ new web sites which have joined Chilli Websites this month.  


Reciprocal Linking - What is it?  Why do it?  Should you do it?...

Reciprocal linking is an agreed upon link between two web sites - I link to your website and in exchange you link to mine...

Reciprocal linking is most often done amongst website owners for the purpose of increasing the "incoming" links to their website - one of the ingredients to achieve a high search engine ranking...

Should you do it?  The short answer is "it depends"...

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New Websites Special Offer - Pay for 10 months get 12 ...
This month we are offering any new web sites to PAY FOR 10 MONTHS OF HOSTING BEFORE THE END OF SEPTEMBER 2010 and receive the following special offer: 

- Get 2 months FREE Hosting (pay for 10 months and get 12!)
- Plus get a FREE Domain Name registered with us for 1 YEAR 


To take up this offer or for any questions, simply contact us via email at or enter the promotion code "12for10" when setting up a Free Trial web site at 

* gst not included for Australian Residents

This offer is not valid for existing web sites except those still on a Free Trial.



Latest additions and improvements to your Content Management System...

Resizing your images made easy! You no longer need to work out the proportional width and height of your images - nor do you need to spend too much time figuring out what a Pixel is!  Our improved image resizer lets you simply select a percentage size of the photo or simply 1/2 or 3/4 to resize your pictures after uploading them.  Alternatively you can still enter a pixel value for either the width or the height and the other dimension will be automatically entered in for you.  When logged into your Admin System go to "Content Manager/Images Manager" to use the new image resizer or take the online tutorial by clicking here once logged into your Admin System.

The pages editor window dynamically resizes to fit the width of your browser - when editing pages this allows you to see more accurately how your pages will layout on your live web site as the width of the editing window should be approximately the same width as the content area on your live web site...
Click here to read the FAQ about this and how to resize the editing area if required.

The "Pages List" is now searchable.  Want to find every page on your site where you have your phone number?  Now you can search the Pages List in your Admin System to quickly edit all pages with a specific word or number in them.  This feature is also very useful as your site grows and you need to edit a specific page - simply type in the pagename to the search box to quickly edit the page.



Adding an Interactive Google Map to your Web Site
Adding an interactive Google map to your web site showing your business location is easy and there is no cost to do this.  Follow the simple steps below:
1) Go to and type your full address into the search box at the top.  Ensure the resulting map is the correct location.
2) Click on "link to this page" above the map on the right.  Then click on "Customise and preview embedded map".  A new window will open.  You can select which size of map you want to embed on your web site.
3) Place your cursor before the word "Preview" and click (left button on the mouse) and drag (while holding the mouse button down) over the map and until the words "View Larger Map" are selected (the word "Preview" and the map will also be selected).  Release your mouse button.  Move your cursor over the word "Preview" and right click.  Select "copy" from the menu that appears.
4) Login to your Administration System for your web site.  Click on "Content Manager/Pages Manager" and select the page you would like to place your map on.  Click on "Enable HTML Paste Mode" above the editor toolbar.
5) In the pages editor place your cursor where you would like your map to appear on the page.  Right click and select "Paste".  Click on "Update Page" and your map is saved on your website!


A warm welcome...
An interesting new project for us over the past few months has resulted in this web site for a new Australian company with roots in Africa which provides Nature Guide training for all levels (from tourists with an interest to professional guides), have a look at

We would like to extend a warm welcome and wish the best fortunes online to other new websites:

Wedding & Event Coordinators Sydney 
Australian author Ilsa Evans
Stop smoking & weight loss laser therapy
Legal firm specialising in equine law 
Auto mechanics Brookvale Sydney
Modern Australian Cafe in Freshwater 
Fine foods, cakes and catering Melbourne 
Vintage and new pinball machines  
Personal training Sydney 
Professional Landscape Design Sydney 
Western Australia shared home equity
Triathlon training and racing South Sydney 
Guided tours of Sydney and surrounds 
Australia and international travel tours 
Delicious cupcakes 

We have also been busy building a web site for a design studio we often work with (of course they designed it - we built it!).  For great design, check out

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