Friends & Associates Newsletter March 2009
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Welcome to the March edition of our Newsletter - (it’s been a while so there is a lot in this one!) - in this issue we:

 · discuss Search Engine Optimisation and how you can affect the search engine results of your web site; 

 · cover in detail the latest additions to Chilli Websites editting tools and added functionality to make your web site more powerful and easier to maintain (and there are many!);  

 · explain a bit about Domain Names and registrations;

 · offer new customers FREE Search Engine Optimisation as well as a nifty "address bar logo icon" when they set up and pay for their web site between March 11 and November 31, 2009; 

 · welcome 30+ new web sites which have joined Chilli Websites since our last newsletter.  


Basic Search Engine Optimisation for your website (SEO)...

In the past few years, nothing has been more commonly asked of a web developer than "How do I get my web site to the top of the search results in Google?" - if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that question....

Search Engine Optimisation is as much an art as it is a science - but the following paragraphs will explain the basic technical qualities your website should possess in order to be search engine friendly. All websites built using the Chilli Websites system do possess these characteristics and we also explain below how you can best utilise them on your web site...

Click here to view the full SEO article online.



More ch, ch, ch, changes...

We have been busy improving and adding to the functionality of Chilli Websites including:

Enquiry form to collect information from your visitors included with every new web site - you are able to easily manage which fields you collect (i.e. Name, Email Address, How Referred to Your Website, etc).  By default your enquiry form is set up on your "contact" page, but you can place the form on any page(s) on your site.   For sites using the product catalogue, the form automatically includes a listing of all your products allowing your customers to indicate which product(s) they are enquiring about.  Click here for more information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) styles are now displayed in the editor - true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editting.  You now instantly see your pages content exactly as will appear on your live web site when you are working on them.

Enlarged editor window - we increased the size of the pages editting window which allows you to better see your pages exactly as they will appear on your live web site while you are working on them.

Shopping cart / E-commerce - we have better integrated our ChilliCart Shopping cart and e-commerce modules to the Chilli Websites.  This reduces the time and cost to setup your e-commerce web site.  Any Chilli Websites web site can be setup for e-commerce very quickly.  Click here to contact us regarding setting up Shopping Cart / E-commerce for your web site.

Product photo "thumbnails" appear on product listings page - when you add a product photo to a product listing in your catlogue (product web sites only), a smaller version of the photo (a "thumbnail") is automatically created which is then displayed in the product listings pages (i.e. the page which is displayed when a customer searches for a particular type of product or category of product).

Improved internal linking within your website - just type "pagename=name of your page" into the "add link" window to quickly and easily link to any other page on your website.  Click here for more information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Two "paste modes" in your pages editor - allows you to easily duplicate any layouts/formatting on your pages while also allowing you to still paste content cleanly from other applications (i.e. Word, other web sites, etc).  Standard paste mode is best for pasting content from other applications while HTML paste mode allows you to copy and paste content and retain all formatting and layout elements.  Click here for more information in our Frequently Asked Questions.



What is a Domain Name?

Also commonly referred to as a "URL" or a "web address", a domain name is a usable method of navigating the internet. Originally the internet was comprised only of IP addresses, such as (if you click on this IP address you will see that it opens the Chilli Websites web site). Domain names were introduced to make the internet easier - it’s a lot easier to remember a name like than it is to remember the 12 digits behind the name.

Chilli Websites is a domain name reseller. We purchase domains at wholesale prices which allows us to register domain names for our customers at prices lower than most retail domain name registrars (i.e. Melbourne IT or

Click here for more on Domain Names or to Register your Domain Name.



And a Special Offer ...
Any web sites setup up and paid for between March 16 and November 31, 2009 will receive FREE Search Engine Optimisation done by Chilli Websites on all pages that are setup and live on the site (up to a maximum of 12 pages)
.  We will also provide an "address bar icon" for your new web site based on your supplied logo (for example see the small logo before the in the address bar of our web site).  This is a total value of up to $320 (depending on the number of pages to be SEO’d).

To take up this offer, simply enter the Promotion code "SEO" when setting up your web site at This will setup your FREE trial website.  Once you decide to pay for the web site, we will send the site live and will conduct the Search Engine Optimisation and provide your icon.



A warm welcome...
We would like to extend a warm welcome and wish the best fortunes online to our new websites:

Educational resources for students w/ special needs
Order online Fender Covers for your boat
Beautiful vacation accomodation Mexico
Sydney scrapbooking shop
Trade and Transport solicitors in Australia
Wedding, travel & holiday planning Sydney
Laser hair removal & more in Mona Vale
Off plan real estate in Middle East & Dubai
Real Estate on Kenai Peninsula Alaska
Mobile Day Spa in Melbourne
Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis
Not-for-profit, environmental awareness
Personal concierge services
Discount beds and mattresses Sydney
Property for sale in Greece
Pain relief scenar therapy
Industrial cleaning Victoria Australia
Earth-friendly shopping choices
Old-fashioned desserts and pastries
Personalised kids party banners order online
Wedding and party event planners Brisbane
Earthmoving excavation in Sydney
Manufacturers of wide board bench tops

And the winners of our two recent web site give aways:

Complete hygiene systems
Orthotic therapy pedorthic footwear

We also have been busy building the following custom designed and developed web sites which utilise the same Chilli Websites Content Management System (CMS) as the basis for their management systems:

Big screen outdoor sports events with live music
Corporate and social lawn bowling functions
Innovative vehicle safety technologies
Sydney based private lending company
Professional Office Services


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