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Can I change the design template of my website to another design? How do I do this?

To watch our step by step video instruction on this, click here.  Click to view the video tutorial

You can easily change the design of your website to any of the available template styles and colours. When logged into your Admin System go to "Content Manager/Site Style". Click on "View the Available Templates" and choose the one you want - note the ID # of the template you want. Close the "Available Templates" page.

Back on the "Site Style" page select the template ID # in your chosen colour from the drop down selector titled "Template:". Click on "Update Site".

Now click on "Live Website" in the main menu of your Admin System to view your web site with the new template style. You may need to "refresh" your browser a time or two to ensure you see all updates to the template.

Note that updating your Site Style will only affect your website viewed by clicking on "Live Website" from your Admin System (this link is actually displaying your site which resides on the websites.com server). This allows you to experiment with different designs without affecting your public website at your domain name (i.e. your website at www.yourbusinessname.com).

To update your website at your domain name please click here to contact us via email when you have settled on a new design style and we will quickly update your website at your domain (there is no cost for this).

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